Georgia's BEST Legislation - TIER 3

Georgia's "Port Tax Bonus" is available for industries that locate, or expand, in Georgia and utilize Georgia's ports. This incentive offers additional job tax credits to business for each of 4 tiers of counties that add the required threshhold of jobs and increase their port traffic through Georgia's port facilities by 10% in one year from the base level.

Base level of traffic is set at 75 tons, 10 TEUs or five containers. The total tax credit amount cannot exceed 50% of the taxpayer's state income liability for a single year. These credits can be carried forward 10 years if jobs and port traffic remain in service and above the base-level increases.

County Designation:  TIER 3
Mandatory Job Creation:  15
Tax Credits Per New Full-Time Job:  $1,500
Joint Development Authority Bonus:  $500
Port Authority Bonus: $1,250
Total Potential Incentives:  $3,000

Eligible industries include manufacturing, warehouse/distribution, processing, telecommunications, tourism and research & development.